Coping with COVID-19


For the past few weeks, or longer in many parts of the world, we have all been forced to redefine our “normal” lives and are desperately trying to establish some kind of footing in an uncertain and ever-changing world.  As we all continue to let go of our expectations of normalcy, there are a few things that have remained constant that are now more important than ever to hone in on: First, we have a choice about how we respond to the present moment. Secondly, the importance of prioritizing self awareness and care so that you can care for others has become even more urgent and essential. And lastly, but probably most importantly, love, gratitude and compassion can help us overcome the difficult mental symptoms we are facing as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


By the end of this course you will learn:

  • More about your own behavioral tendencies and learning style to promote self-awareness
  • Techniques to Manage Difficult Emotions like Fear, Anxiety, & Grief During a Crisis
  • Self-Care Tips and Practices for Presence, Relaxation & Compassion
  • How to Cultivate Connection with Family and Friends using Technology & Mindfulness Activities

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Course Includes

  • 15 Lessons
  • 28 Topics
  • 14 Quizzes
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